Thursday, 4 August 2011

Skydive for Candlelighters

Hi guys!

First off, thank you for visiting my page. This site was set up to accept donations for my sponsored skydive for a wonderful charity called Candlelighters.

Candlelighters is a Yorkshire based charity set up and run by the parents of children who have or have had cancer and the doctors and nurses who support them. They aim to provide comfort and support to families in similar situations and do a marvelous job. More about them can be found here: Candlelighters site

I'll be doing a skydive a little later this year through a company called Skyline. I need to raise enough money to meet the minimum donation for doing the skydive and to do that I need your help!
I need to raise a minimum of £395 to participate and at least half of that will go directly to Candlelighters. Every penny over will also be sent straight to the charity.

As I'm doing this through work, Barclays should hopefully be able to match whatever I raise pound for pound!

I think this charity is doing something really worthwhile, they are run by real live people and count on other real live people to keep going.

Please donate whatever you can, every penny will help.

Donations to the skydive can be made here

I've also set up a JustGiving page here. Anything you can spare will go directly to the charity.

Please dig deep guys and donate whatever you can.

Besides, who doesn't want to see me get pushed out of a plane?

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